Friday, 30 November 2012

MAMA on Red Carpet 2012

Holla... im back again with new post about MAMA on Red Carpet 2012.
before im going to the topic, do u know what MAMA Awards??
Umm... its Mnet Asian Music Awards. Awards for Asian Artist especially Korean...
btw im a part of them who voted there hehehe...

well on Red Carpet there are many artist such Big Bang, Super Junior, Sistar, KARA, Epik High, Lee HI and many more...

First, this Lee HI... aish so cute she is...

Sistar... so pretty, sexy and mature ^^

Then he is Song Joong Ki...
Handsome boy kekekeke~ ^^

The Next is EXO-K and EXO-M
walaoo they're 12?? o.O

and many more ehehehe... i cant upload all lah cuz its too muchhhhhh >.<
The red carpet continues up until the stage curtains open for MAMA 2012.  The first hour of the red carpet already had a steady list of A-listers and amazing performances. Definitely making the 2nd hour something to look forward to! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Travel Diary : Soeul, Day 3

Went to one of the most stylish place on earth! You guys have to go here. This place is called.. Garusogil or 가루소길. It's the most stylish place in Seoul I just can't believe something like this exist. Located near Gangnam and Apgujeong, I think they're in one big Gangnam area, it's supposed to be where all the richest people hang out. The street is.. so chic. Everyone dress so well, lots of expensive cars parked on the side. Lots of tall trees, make it look like it's so European. Lots of cute Korean stores, I supposed you won't find MADE in CHINA here. All, MADE in KOREA. hahaha~! Anyways, from my whole trip I really loved it there. Too bad I arrived too late so the sun was about setting down, and it rained, so bad. It rained so heavy, you can't even walk without getting soaked in the rain. I will definitely come there again, and chill~ Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Travel Diary : Seoul, Day 2

On second day, I went to Hongdae :) You just got of at Hongik University Station or Ewha Women University Station. It's a very hip area with lots of cafes and shops around. I went there to see the location of my future school lol. I found Ewha University has a really nice, like really nice design. The buildings are so pretty, and really green. Had lunch somewhere in Hongdae, found the first YeolBong restaurant in Seoul~! YeolBong is Se7en's restaurant :) Next stop, I went to 청계천 or Cheonggyecheon. This is the longest stream in Korea, so pretty at night especially. Lots of dramas, CFs, and MVs shot here. One of them were Bigbang - Haru Haru. I ended the day by going to YG Entertainment Building.

Ewha Women University

Yeolbong in Hongdae

Cheonggyecheon / 청계천

cr : Sergeantkero

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Travel Diary : Seoul, Day 1

Gyeongbokgung Palace / 경복궁 

Sorry for the super late post! Going to start posting about my time in Seoul early this month. So, early this month I got the chance to go to Seoul, for the first time! Isn't that exciting, especially you're a fangirl. Just like a dream come true.. Breathing the same air like your bias. LOL. Anyways, I arrived pretty late at night, so I went straight to the hotel which located in Gangnam (OPPAN, GANGNAM STYLE!). Super close with Yeoksam Station, Exit 4, very convenient. Anyways, on the next day I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace that was located at Gwanghwamun. You just should go to Gwanghwamun Station, and go through exit 2! From there just go straight and you can cross the road and see the big King Sejong statue, and you can see the Gwanghwamun Gate, go through the gate and finally you arrive at the Palace :)

Next on, I went to MyeongDong! You gonna love this place, you just need to go to Euljiro Il-ga Station and go through exit 5~! You gonna see a lot of people, a lot of shops, international shops like Forever 21 and ZARA, lots of Korean Brand Make Up, Etude, Face Shop, it's like everywhere. You can check out street food also :)

And life is not perfect until you see this. I was literally running in small steps when I saw FUBU sign at Myeong Dong, me and my sister was having our moments. We took some pics, DUH! When i went there it was only around 3 weeks after BB released their STILL ALIVE edition, so when I was there, FUBU was playing Blue, Etude that was located at the opposite was playing Monster, and the store next door was playing Fantastic Baby. BIGBANG all the way! Anyways, you guys have to visit Myeong Dong :) Such a nice place to visit~!

BIGBANG GATE, Gangnam Station, Exit 2

 LIFE IS PERFECT when I see this. They promoted their Still Alive Album by putting this super large gate with stickers of BB all over the place it was awesome. Can you believe, like you actually there.. When usually what you're doing is waving your crownstick in front of your computer. LOL anyways. I ended my first day with the BB Gate :) Post more tomorrow. or the day after. kk~ Annyeong~!

Thursday, 1 November 2012


ah i was look at my calendar and look its 1st November..
really? 1st November?? feels like that October run to fast
well i just want to say Good Bye October and Welcome November ^^

btw, if today is 1st November tommo is 2nd November rite?? 
LOL, im asking you a fool question
so tommo is my boyfie birthday... 

happy birthday baobei
wofo aifai nifi~ ♥♥

well last week i went to Town Park to shopping with my jiejie and ya know its so pretty!!

also this hehe... 

well there are Wonder Girls Banner kekeke~~

after shopping and took a lunch i went to the park..
there many people with their own activities.. 
playing, talk to each other, sk8boarding and anythang
and i love the situation there ><

after it i went supermarket to buy this cuz my belly still hungry LOL..
Choco Pocky!!
Sweet and Yummy ^^b

well sorry i cant write anymore cuz im have a veeeerrrryyyy tight schedule :(
i will blogging again later~~

quote for today :
 love is when there are a million things you want to say to someone,
 but when s(he) looked you in the eyes and hold you in his/her arms.
 nothing in life matters other than being with that person at that moment


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Missing You

I meet ordinary ppl and talk to them
Laugh w/ them, just like usual, w/o any thoughts.
Tv is my only friend at night
I finally go to sleep when the sun rises in the morning
I’m too shabby, i might have liked you a lot.
After you left, the blue sky seems like it’s just yellow
Where are you feeling hurt, i’m here
Or maybe you’re in love w/ someone else
Some other love, i miss you my baby
My heart feels this sad but i have no one to talk to
I wanna smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me
Maybe i’m missing you
Back then, we were like that
Between you and me it was all clear and pure
First it was all about love, just like everyone says
Why did we do that though we all know
(But) as time goes, like the glass breaking
Like the ring in hands losing its light
Like getting a cut by a sharp knife
Like strangling my neck w/ the chain of restriction
The memories that i have w/ you
Which i thought they’re gonna be always good
Though i hate it, only the wounds and unsolved misunderstandings are left.
I needed to hold back till the end
The words of “i’m breaking up w/ you”
(Yet) the time we fight and argue
It was better than now.
My heart feels this sad but i have no one to talk to
I wanna smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me
Maybe i’m missing you
I still feel like you’re next to me everyday when i open my eyes
Can’t we turn the times back that we’ve been together ah- ah-
My heart feels this sad but i have no one to talk to
I wanna smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me
Maybe i’m missing you~♥

131012 Alive Tour in Jakarta

Hella… Holla.. Hello.. Finally I make a comeback on my blog after a long long time… kekeke~~

Well im comeback with my new life journey ofcourse ^^

This is my 1st time as a fan girl writing a fan account!

Wouldn’t be very detailed because it’s been more than a week and part of my memories has been buried. Anyway, it’s for me, myself to recall the memories that I had in INDO alive tour 2012! :D

Shall start with the concert i attended in jakarta first :)

On saturday morning 630am together with my brother, i met up my friend Crystal at Jurong East. We took the train down to changi but realised we were late so we took taxi from tanah merah mrt to T1. We took Air Asia and reached there at about 1030am (indo time 930am). For indonesia, their time is slower than us by 1hour.

A very nice lady (Felice) we knew from our Singapore Big Bang Concert helped us to collect our tickets and checked in our tickets. According to her, even VIP seatings have to queue to get seating number. The queue actually start from 10am to 4pm (SG time is 11am to 5pm). Felice was already there queueing for standing pens so she helped us to check in our tickets and got 2nd row at the right side.

We had our breakfast cum lunch at the airport, bought some donuts and a simcard before we took a cab to the stadium. On our way to the stadium, we spotted a totally naked man washing his clothes along a river or something. Not just that, the way they drive their cars and how people are selling their stuff in the MIDDLE of cars on a big road. The total journey took about 1 hour due to jam.

As the stadium is at the end of a beach, we drove passed the beach and i would say: THEIR BEACH IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND NICE PLS! A pity that we were there for concert only and seriously, the whole beach is damn big. If we were to walk from the entry of the beach to the stadium, i bet it's gonna take you 1 hour or so. When we reached, there were SO MANY people scattering EVERYWHERE. There are shops below the stadium and people are just sitting everywhere -like a boss-.

Well.. one thing annoying was.. there were uncles around keep asking us to buy tickets from them and some that kept talking to us in indonesian when we do not understand a single shit. Seriously, every few steps we walked, someone would ask us to buy tickets or something else. Of course, their stuff is really damn cheap. People were queuing for the tribunes categories, which if im not wrong is free seating as well. There were no shelter at all and poor VIPS have to queue under the hot sun and on the sand.

We heard from our sis Felice that they were initially in the queue but the VIPs there are just too aggressive and irrational. They actually pushed them out of the queue and i can totally see that there is no unofficial queue unlike singapore. This, i have to salute singapore VIPs.

We found a so called pub and sat there for a few hours. The pub sell steak at like $7 - $9 only but due to budget constraint and we have to keep the money for taxi after concert so we missed it. About 4pm we left the pub and tried to walk to some part of the beach near the stadium.. apparently we failed because along the whole stretch of road, uncles were sitting everywhere and asking us something in indonesia. There were booths selling merchandise at about $4-5 cheaper than singapore (i guess due to their currency). There were also a "samsung galaxy S3" booth giving us bangle, badge and lanyard like singapore.

Due to the hot sun, we went to sit outside a cafe along with other indo VIPs until about 530pm we left for the toilet. The first time in our whole life, we queued for a toilet for so damn long and the toilet was suuuuuuuuuuper dirty because there were too many people using it! The staff dont even have the time to clean the toilet. A staff even have to stand outside the boys' toilet and let some female VIPs into the boys' toilet because the queue was just too long -__-

Went back to the cafe and sat outside while watching brilliant legacy. About 730pm, we joined the queue for the entrance to VIP category. Managed to get in by hiding our cameras while we spotted people's cameras being caught. We were seated by VIP B seat 63,64 and 65. One sad thing was, we were totally at the corner.. like singapore's category 5. However, there were NO people infront of us at all so once the concert start, we carried our bags and leaned against the barricade. We were near, so much nearer to the stage compared to singapore. OH, the stage is indon concert is small. Smaller than singapore.. at least 1/3 smaller.

Part of our views were blocked by the sound system so we sat down at the barricade instead to see the whole view! The concert blasted off with the boys in their capsules as usual.

*Pardon me~ My memories of them is really buried so deep that it’s gonna take me some time to recall..*

They started off with “STILL ALIVE” and performed a lot of songs. As this was my 2nd stop for big bang alive tour concert, the songs sequence is the same as Singapore big bang alive tour.

Alive (Intro)
Hands Up
Ment (Only 29th September)
Fantastic Baby
How Gee
Stupid Liar
Knock Out
High High
Strong Baby
What Can I Do
Gara Gara Go
Number 1
Ment - Crayon / One of a Kind
Bad Boy
Love Song
Look Only At Me
Wedding Dress
Haru Haru Acoustic Version
Last Farewell

Bad Boy
Fantastic Baby

Altho I have not do Singapore fan account yet, I knew for sure the fan service in Indonesia big bang alive tour was so much better than Singapore one. We are so sure that somehow.. something might had happened between the boys and the organizers or something.. or is it because we are the first stop asia tour? (excluding japan and korea)

Oh, my bias is TOP. I was so angry at the end of the concert. TOP went down the stage all the way to the middle of the mosh pit and stayed there for quite some time. This bitch actually climbed over the barricade and grabbed TOP. I mean, TOP has just recovered from his injury and by doing that, you might harm him unknowingly and his face was in shock alright. Damned!!

Well,You can look how my TOP oppar got angry on this Fancam video ><,

They did a lot of fan service there. Usually it’s TAEYANG who will be the last to leave the stage but TOP did a heart sign with both of his hands (saranghae) to the audience which made all of us insane. A girl passed a super huge panda to seungri and he put it at the middle of the stage. There were more than 7 pandas ranging from small to big size on stage~ SO CUTE TTM!

I did a lot of fan cam L so I didn’t really enjoy the concert.. I’m going over to their concert in KL and this time round, I’m just gonna do fan cam for the starting of the concert and enjoy more during their fan service. JINJJA! My last concert with them.. it makes me feel like going to their hongkong’s concert so much. Altho I’ve been looking for tickets but couldn’t find and the air ticket is really no joke. I’m no near to rich :/

We met a few malaysian VIPs whom we knew from singapore big bang alive tour concert at the airport. We took the same flight back to singapore. Apparently, they really had a very experience at the standing pit. They were queueing really early since morning with no shelter, on the sand and under hot sun. The VIPs behind kept pushing them out of the queue. They told us that was not the worse. *shall update later..*

Oh well. This post is up but I’m gonna put up my youtube channel link for all my fancams once I get home J

I need time to watermark my photos too! GOD!! I NEED TIME! 24/7 is never enough L

It’s Thursday and tomorrow’s public holiday. Can’t wait for 530pm to come so that I can run away from my office and prepare for my weekend off with bigbang!

Anyway, my twitter and facebook is flooded with bigbang’s alive tour .. so envious of everybody who was there at Bangkok, Taipei and manila. Although I should be satisfied but this is really a never ending greed.. totally.

Started a facebook page to sell kpop and Korean stuff with gan. Hopefully it goes well in the long run J so far we just completed our 2nd batch on ygeshop. Gonna start looking for different things to sell already~

OH. Did I talk about one of the VIPs that threw a bra on stage to TOP? Thank goodness that he missed it. Seriously, I would feel like it’s an insult… totally. TOP’s face was like so turn off and the girl just make her nation feel like all the girls are slut. OH WELL, no stereotyping because of one girl. No offence to the rest of PHI VIPS J You guys rocks~

well this my taken while Alive Tour in Jakarta. Hope you enjoy :D

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Recently I've been addicted to the term of eolzzang (read: ulzang / 얼짱.) In Korean, eol means face, and jjang means best, so ulzang means best face. These lovely ulzzangs are quite famous in Korea for their pretty face. Most of them modeled in Korean clothing shop like Style Nanda. This girl, I forget the name, damn she's so pretty and I just totally love her hair. Well, I know most of Koreans fixed their face, but they look so damn good O_O and the amount of make up they applied is not even that much (aside from BB Cream) Most of them just focus on the eyebrows and put a good amount of eyeliner. I just love it :D Anyway this girl below is posing with HIGH CUT Magazine with Jay Park on the cover :p

Get Your Cray On

  How awesome really is this video? This is my favorite video evarrrr. Like its so colorful, crazy, funny~! Can you see the THOM BROWNE FW12 Looks? It's like straight from the runway looks. My favorite scene would be him.. shaving lol. I was like having a feeling that he might go topless in this video cus he's been working out, and in previous 2 videos we really haven't seen his abs.. and then BAMN here it is. LOL. Another scene would be him driving that car, and then omg.. LADY Ji. man.. He's cray. Then him shooting himself from above.. so CUTE. LOL but anyways.. Because of the video, I love the song even more. They should've released the video when the songs were out. Anyways....
Well I recommend you to watch it~~ GET YOUR CRAY ON!!! Y SO SERIOUS???!!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Love is ....

1 ----> love is patient
2 ----> love is kind
3 ----> love is not jealous
4 ----> love does not brag
5 ----> love is not arrogant
6 ----> love is not act unbecomingly
7 ----> love is not seek its own
8 ----> love is not provoked
9 ----> love is not take into account a wrong suffered
10 ----> love is not rejoice in unrighteousness
11 ----> love is considered the most basic emotion that human awareness can feel
12 ----> love is does no wrong to a neighbor
13 ----> love is therefore is the fulfillment of the law."
14 ----> love is not a feeling
15 ----> love is unconditional
16 ----> love is truth
17 ----> love is joy
18 ----> love is respectful
19 ----> love is freely given
20 ----> love is a free gift
21 ----> love is freedom
22 ----> love is compassionate
23 ----> love is merciful
24  ----> love is gracious
25 ----> love is amazing
26 ----> love is awesome
27 ----> love is glorious
28 ----> love is considering and honoring others... their whole being - identity, ideas, beliefs, feelings... 
29 ----> love is understands.
30 ----> love is...listening
31 ----> love is enlightenment
32 ----> love is intimacy
33 ----> love is romance
34 ----> love is trust
35 ----> love is peace
36 ----> love is excitement
37 ---->  love is joy...
38 ----> love is... The Journey...
39 ----> love is blind
love is you and me

Cute Cherry