Friday, 30 November 2012

MAMA on Red Carpet 2012

Holla... im back again with new post about MAMA on Red Carpet 2012.
before im going to the topic, do u know what MAMA Awards??
Umm... its Mnet Asian Music Awards. Awards for Asian Artist especially Korean...
btw im a part of them who voted there hehehe...

well on Red Carpet there are many artist such Big Bang, Super Junior, Sistar, KARA, Epik High, Lee HI and many more...

First, this Lee HI... aish so cute she is...

Sistar... so pretty, sexy and mature ^^

Then he is Song Joong Ki...
Handsome boy kekekeke~ ^^

The Next is EXO-K and EXO-M
walaoo they're 12?? o.O

and many more ehehehe... i cant upload all lah cuz its too muchhhhhh >.<
The red carpet continues up until the stage curtains open for MAMA 2012.  The first hour of the red carpet already had a steady list of A-listers and amazing performances. Definitely making the 2nd hour something to look forward to! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Travel Diary : Soeul, Day 3

Went to one of the most stylish place on earth! You guys have to go here. This place is called.. Garusogil or 가루소길. It's the most stylish place in Seoul I just can't believe something like this exist. Located near Gangnam and Apgujeong, I think they're in one big Gangnam area, it's supposed to be where all the richest people hang out. The street is.. so chic. Everyone dress so well, lots of expensive cars parked on the side. Lots of tall trees, make it look like it's so European. Lots of cute Korean stores, I supposed you won't find MADE in CHINA here. All, MADE in KOREA. hahaha~! Anyways, from my whole trip I really loved it there. Too bad I arrived too late so the sun was about setting down, and it rained, so bad. It rained so heavy, you can't even walk without getting soaked in the rain. I will definitely come there again, and chill~ Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Travel Diary : Seoul, Day 2

On second day, I went to Hongdae :) You just got of at Hongik University Station or Ewha Women University Station. It's a very hip area with lots of cafes and shops around. I went there to see the location of my future school lol. I found Ewha University has a really nice, like really nice design. The buildings are so pretty, and really green. Had lunch somewhere in Hongdae, found the first YeolBong restaurant in Seoul~! YeolBong is Se7en's restaurant :) Next stop, I went to 청계천 or Cheonggyecheon. This is the longest stream in Korea, so pretty at night especially. Lots of dramas, CFs, and MVs shot here. One of them were Bigbang - Haru Haru. I ended the day by going to YG Entertainment Building.

Ewha Women University

Yeolbong in Hongdae

Cheonggyecheon / 청계천

cr : Sergeantkero

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Travel Diary : Seoul, Day 1

Gyeongbokgung Palace / 경복궁 

Sorry for the super late post! Going to start posting about my time in Seoul early this month. So, early this month I got the chance to go to Seoul, for the first time! Isn't that exciting, especially you're a fangirl. Just like a dream come true.. Breathing the same air like your bias. LOL. Anyways, I arrived pretty late at night, so I went straight to the hotel which located in Gangnam (OPPAN, GANGNAM STYLE!). Super close with Yeoksam Station, Exit 4, very convenient. Anyways, on the next day I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace that was located at Gwanghwamun. You just should go to Gwanghwamun Station, and go through exit 2! From there just go straight and you can cross the road and see the big King Sejong statue, and you can see the Gwanghwamun Gate, go through the gate and finally you arrive at the Palace :)

Next on, I went to MyeongDong! You gonna love this place, you just need to go to Euljiro Il-ga Station and go through exit 5~! You gonna see a lot of people, a lot of shops, international shops like Forever 21 and ZARA, lots of Korean Brand Make Up, Etude, Face Shop, it's like everywhere. You can check out street food also :)

And life is not perfect until you see this. I was literally running in small steps when I saw FUBU sign at Myeong Dong, me and my sister was having our moments. We took some pics, DUH! When i went there it was only around 3 weeks after BB released their STILL ALIVE edition, so when I was there, FUBU was playing Blue, Etude that was located at the opposite was playing Monster, and the store next door was playing Fantastic Baby. BIGBANG all the way! Anyways, you guys have to visit Myeong Dong :) Such a nice place to visit~!

BIGBANG GATE, Gangnam Station, Exit 2

 LIFE IS PERFECT when I see this. They promoted their Still Alive Album by putting this super large gate with stickers of BB all over the place it was awesome. Can you believe, like you actually there.. When usually what you're doing is waving your crownstick in front of your computer. LOL anyways. I ended my first day with the BB Gate :) Post more tomorrow. or the day after. kk~ Annyeong~!

Thursday, 1 November 2012


ah i was look at my calendar and look its 1st November..
really? 1st November?? feels like that October run to fast
well i just want to say Good Bye October and Welcome November ^^

btw, if today is 1st November tommo is 2nd November rite?? 
LOL, im asking you a fool question
so tommo is my boyfie birthday... 

happy birthday baobei
wofo aifai nifi~ ♥♥

well last week i went to Town Park to shopping with my jiejie and ya know its so pretty!!

also this hehe... 

well there are Wonder Girls Banner kekeke~~

after shopping and took a lunch i went to the park..
there many people with their own activities.. 
playing, talk to each other, sk8boarding and anythang
and i love the situation there ><

after it i went supermarket to buy this cuz my belly still hungry LOL..
Choco Pocky!!
Sweet and Yummy ^^b

well sorry i cant write anymore cuz im have a veeeerrrryyyy tight schedule :(
i will blogging again later~~

quote for today :
 love is when there are a million things you want to say to someone,
 but when s(he) looked you in the eyes and hold you in his/her arms.
 nothing in life matters other than being with that person at that moment


Cute Cherry